Madhu Limaye Library

Madhu Limaye Library is the knowledge resource center of the university for academic and research activities and has been fulfilling the information needs of the intellectuals and ignited minds of the university. It houses valuable research collections of legal and social sciences materials and provides access to numerous online services and internet resources such as Lexis Advance, Kluwer Arbitration, WestLawIndia, Hein Online, JSTOR, SCC Platinum Plus, Taxmann Online, OUP Scholarship, and CUP online, etc. The library is a two-floor centrally air-conditioned building with ultra-modern facilities such as Digital Lab having 45clients, Videoconferencing facility, Wi-Fi Network and a Lab for visually impaired people. The digital library and resources are accessible from any corner of the campus through its WEB-OPAC. The library is providing access to bibliographical database of library resources, electronic database, and several other services through WEB-OPAC. The library is fully automated through web-centric LMS and equipped with CCTV and RFID security systems. The library has state-of-the-art facilities and is providing online CAS, SDI, Remote Access Service, Anti-plagiarism check service, Orientation services, SMS alert, etc. to its users. The Library remains open throughout the year except for national holidays.