2nd National Conference on Development of Digital Libraries in IPR Regime (December 21-22, 2019) 

Conference Theme: 
Development of Digital Libraries in IPR Regime

Open Technology Movement 

  • Open Source Software and Libraries
  • Open Access Resources and Management
  • Open Educational Movement
  • Free Access to Law Movement
  • Government Initiatives@ Open Access
  • Government Policies and Efforts
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Open Access Strategies and Policies
  • Open Educational Movement
  • Open Source Software (OSS) : Issues and Challenges

Emerging Trends in Libraries

  • Application of Hybrid Security Systems in Libraries
  • Artificial Intelligence and Libraries
  • Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Applications in Libraries
  • Big Data : Collection, Storage and Access
  • Cloud Preservation: Issues and Challenges
  • Cloud Based Systems
  • Collaborative Digital Library Initiatives
  • Digital India Initiatives and Libraries
  • Digitization, Digital Library and Institutional Repositories
  • e-Preservation & Archive
  • Green Library Initiatives
  • Human Library Initiatives
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Metadata Standards in 21st Century
  • User's Space and Maker's Space: Issues & Challenges

IPR and Libraries

  • Access Rights Management
  • Creative Commons
  • Digital Libraries: IPR and Copyright issues
  • Digital Licensing: Issues and Challenges
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Impact of Piracy on Libraries
  • IPR in Digital Society
  • IPR: Global Efforts
  • IPR: Role of LIS Professionals
  • Legal Protection of Databases
  • The Indian Copyright Act with reference to Libraries

Research Ethics, Plagiarism and Technology

  • Academic Integrity and Ethics
  • Anti-plagiarism Software Tools and Govt. Initiatives
  • e-Publishing and research writings
  • Ethical issues in research
  • Fair Use and Copyright Infringement
  • Government Policies and facilities for encouragement of Research & Development
  • Plagiarism Policy for Indian Universities
  • Plagiarism Tools
  • Research Methods, Tools and technique

Library Associations & Networks

  • INFLIBNET, IASLIC, ILA and LIS Profession
  • Initiatives of Library Associations in India
  • Law Librarianship: Issues and Concerns
  • Library Legislation and Implementation: Issues & Challenges
  • Role of Associations for Development of LIS Profession
  • Role of Library Associations in LIS Education
  • Role of Library Associations in Promoting Research Culture in LIS